Random thoughts

I like the brief moments when the world becomes so tasteful as I am in search for words. 

My interest for writing was molded when I started learning English. Over the years, almost a decade now, I picked up hundreds of books to debunk how famous authors write  and yet I was unable to find my own style. Perhaps, fluency really doesn’t have anything to do with defining my voice. I just thought that once I master the English grammar, I would ace everything else. Well, it takes so much more to find those elements that perfect one’s writing.

And then I read about mindfulness.

To me, mindfulness refers to the way I observe my surroundings, to see the extraordinary in familiar people and things and develop stories out of them. The more details that are being cultivated, the more ideas start to sprout and that’s when I feel the need to unleash my thoughts on paper. It is not similar to writing a research paper whereas information takes the center stage. Creative writing is all about story telling and it has to resonate.

So I travel more often to see the world and to collect tales that have the power of resonance. How wonderful it is to capture the beauty of each city by stringing sentences together! That’s why I don’t really write the usual travel tips and ideas. I prefer to have my own wanderlust dreams shared on this site.

Writing slowly becomes a habit that make my life fulfilled, even though I am not a writer. I learned to fake it till I make it instead. As long as it makes me feel content, I will continue to trot the globe and write.   



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