In seek of a little wanderlust: Perhentian island, Malaysia

Here’s another beach indulgence following our Koh Samui journey to finally fulfil our ‘Vitamin Sea’ intakes. This time, it’s my long desired destination right here in Malaysia, Perhentian island.

Spontaneous trips are usually the most remarkable ones and our adventure to this down to earth beach is the best example.

Perhentian beach
Perhentian beach

Perhentian island still leaves me dwelling upon the sight of the white sand beach, one that deserves to be crowned the beauty pageant amongst all the beaches that I have been to.

My husband and I went on a private water-taxi to the snorkelling spots around Perhentian Besar. How I wish the time stood still every time I hit the ocean. I keep falling in love with the rattling sound of the waves slapping against the side of the boat, the radiant beam of the sun rays reflected from the crystal blue water, and the soughing gusts of wind penetrating through my hair.

With my short-sighted vision, being able to see life happens under the sea vividly was beyond any travel experience that I’ve ever had. Even from above the water, I could see all kinds of fishes finding their ways to associate with humans, I named all of them Nemo.

I dived into the cooling water as soon as our boat stopped at the snorkelling point. Very quickly, I followed the fishes to their secret homes, from one place to another. For a brief moment, I thought I could see the Kingdom of Merfolk, except anyone could be the Little Mermaid themselves.

Little did I realize how close I was to the coral reefs, which caused me a slight panic attack because of their sharp touch on my bare foot (in my defence, I was at the shark bay!). But what mattered most was the stunning view of the submarine life unfolded right in front of me. It was enormous like the mountain pass with millions of lives have yet to be discovered. And I was honoured to be the first person to discover the ocean of my own.

We were in luck as the beach was almost empty. I woke up to the assuring sound of the waves washing ashore and enjoyed breakfast with the refreshing taste of the ocean. We have travelled to countless islands around Southeast Asia but it was the first time we truly experienced the tranquil life on the island. Just nature, no worries. What a life!

perhentian island
White sand beach in Perhentian

If you are planning for a getaway this year, don’t even think twice, Perhentian island is a must. But book early to secure your stay, try Traveloka to search for your preferred accommodation (they always have good deals). Also, if you are more of a party animal, Perhentian Kecil is more happening as compared to its big sibling. All the snorkelling and diving packages can be arranged at your resort, just prepare your own gears (for hygiene reason). :p

I would love to share with you more pictures of this wonderful tropical land but unfortunately, they were all erased from my ill fated phone. Lesson learned: don’t dive with your phone.

Happy Travels!

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